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St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital provides state-of-the-art Endoscopy Services performed by a highly skilled team of physicians and nurses. The Endoscopy Department offers important diagnostic services in a comfortable and private setting.

Elective procedures take place as scheduled, and the Endoscopy Unit is also accessible to the Emergency Department 24 hours a day for patients with gastrointestinal emergencies.

Commonly, procedures are performed with moderate IV sedation with a pre-arranged option for monitored anesthesia care.

The Endoscopy Unit provides the following types of GI diagnostics:

  • Upper Endoscopy (EGD) – an examination of the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract, including the esophagus, stomach and the first portion of the small intestine.
  • Colonoscopy – an examination of the lining of the colon to determine if there are any abnormalities.
  • Sigmoidoscopy – an examination of the rectum and portion of the colon.
  • Bronchoscopy – an examination of the lungs.
  • PEG Tube Insertions – tubes to provide nutritionaly supplements.
  • Liver Biopsy – an examination of live tissue.

To find a physician, you may utilize our online find-a-doc feature here.