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Advance Directives for Health Care

If you were in permanent coma or had a terminal condition and could not express your wishes for health care, would you want…

  • Life-sustaining technologies to extend your life even though recovery is not possible?
  • A natural death with only comfort medications?
  • Something in-between?

An Advance Directive is a written document that lets others know what you want when you are near the end of life and can’t speak for yourself.

  • It eases the burden on your loved ones because they don’t have to guess what you would want.
  • It helps your health care team know which interventions you want – and which you don’t.
  • It helps you complete your life with dignity and meaning in accord with your beliefs and values.

St. Mary’s encourages everyone to complete an Advance Directive. Discuss it with your loved ones and keep the original where they can find it. Please also bring your Advance Directive to St. Mary’s and any other hospital you might use. We will keep a copy of it on file should you ever need it.

For more information on Advance Directives, please watch this video:

NHDD Speak Up Video.