Cardiology - St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital

Aquilion-64-Front-View-WideSt. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital offers state of the art diagnostic tools, including a 64-slice CT Scanner, to help your Cardiologist determine the best individualized treatment plan for you. Tests performed at St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital detect underlying conditions, such as arrhythmias and problems with cardiac blood flow, to help your doctor assess the nature and severity of your disease for diagnosis and treatment.  To find a physician, please utilize our find-a-doc feature here.

To learn more about the signs of a heart attack, click here.  If you believe you may be experiencing a heart attack, please call 911 immediately. St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital is committed to providing a full continuum of cardiac care and diagnostics. Exceptional service and diagnostic areas include:

  • Follow ups after heart surgery
  • Inpatient consultations
  • Evaluation and treatment of: cardiac arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and vascular heart disease